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A, product introduction

Timberwork building refers to wood as the main force system engineeringstructure

Second, the status quo

At present our country building structure is still in masonry structure, reinforced concrete structureAnd give priority to, such as steel structure and wood structure in addition to someLow-rise residentialIn application, the application in other types of construction is almost a blank.But the wood has been dominant in ancient China.Civil is synonymous with buildings and the imperial palace such large construction of main structure is wood, brick and tile just accessories.The advantages of wood is being modern,It from the view of environmental protection is renewable material, as building materials from production to waste minimum impact to the environment.Europe and the United States in many countries, wood is widely used for conveniently, timberwork technology development is very rapid.Modern timber structure is a traditional building materials and modern advanced processing technology, the construction form.

Three advantages,

1、Vibration resistance

Timberwork villa has a very good life in the earthquake safety performance, timberwork villa built using joggle, cross connection, the main structure has good stability.As a kind of structural material, the seismic performance of lumber is superior to other materials.Most of the framework is composed of three parts: wall skeleton consists of vertical wall bone;The level of a floor joists;Rafter or truss support and the roof.When the wall by a brace of wood or light wood base plate to form a wall cladding panels, it is the lateral resistance, and thus formed a shear wall system --Light weight, high strength, high efficiency and build.All parts mutual support building, can resist gravity, wind and earthquake.

2、Timberwork building durable

Timberwork villa choose senior pine, wood is a natural, healthy and extremely affinity materials, integration of wooden house is the high-grade residential environmental health, wood according to the different architectural modeling through modern technology, production, processing and into different wall profiles, and then treated with flame retardant, anticorrosive process, such as more strong and durable.Against the sinking stress, dry resistance, anti-aging, with remarkable stability.If used properly, the wood is a kind of stability, long service life, strong durability of materials.

3、Timberwork building fire

Wooden villa building structure with lumber adopts flame retardant processing water-based sex flame retardant treatment, carbonization effect, in case of fire, wood surface will form the charring layer, its low conductivity can effectively prevent flame spread inward, thus ensuring the whole wooden body for a long time are not destroyed.

4、Wooden houses moistureproof

People usually think water is the enemy of wood, is not the same, in wet or humid place wooden structures can have a long-term performance.Is the key in the design and construction of the wood based to know how to control the moisture when building products.In general, the only need to fully moistureproof part of a building is the building envelope, especially the roof drainage, it should be as far as possible, but in the water to keep the waterproof performance.If the building surface can be very good waterproof, so we can believe other building components of the building does not necessarily need to be waterproof.Timberwork building is can do not corrode and not be affected with damp be affected with damp, because we all standing timber drying processing, through wood drying process can avoid most of the volume change, the timber has been previously dried to 19% moisture contentThe following, it moistureproof performance can even reach the brick structure10Times the left and right sides.At the same time, we used for woodACQ、BACSuch as preservative impregnated anticorrosive processing, surface coating, using natural vegetable oil do to prevent water erosion.In fact,,Compared with other commonly used building materials of wood more is not easy because occasionally soaked and permanent damage.

5, wooden houses environmental protection

Wood is a kind of natural healthy and affinity of the material, the wooden villa is the high-grade residential environmental health.Insulation (thermal insulation) performance is excellent, than ordinary brick house over to save energy40%.It is heat preservation performance of steel400Times, concrete16Times.Studies have shown that150㎜ thick wooden wall, the heat preservation performance is equivalent610㎜ thick brick wall.

6、Timberwork building energy saving

Wooden building with its building modelling beautiful, delicate design, return to nature, return uncut jade to enjoy and the characteristics of reasonable structure, fine work, build fast, let a person feel far away from the city hustle and bustle of reinforced concrete members, into the world of a clean pollution-free, this is wooden structure.In fact, timberwork building is not a new thing in the world.In Japan, there are almost half of the buildings with wood for building materials, Europe and the United States timberwork building is everywhere.Even in China, the ancient imperial palace can prove that the long history of wood construction.In recent years, with the development of wood construction, timberwork building again in the Chinese market, and gradually into the growth period.

In many of the advantages of wood construction, it is the most important natural energy saving and environmental protection.Wooden walls and roof truss system by the woodiness material specifications cladding panels, wooden base structure and thermal insulation material and so on, according to the test, 150㎜ thick wooden wall, its heat preservation ability is equivalent to610㎜ thick brick wall, timberwork building is relatively concrete structure, save energy50% - 70%..In all the major building materials, wood is the only building materials can be recycled, the energy consumption, greenhouse gas, air and water pollution and ecological resources exploitation, the wooden brick and steel structure for better environmental protection, and breathable material is good, easy to maintain indoor air fresh, is recognized as green building.

7、Wooden houses and practical

In addition, timberwork building and design flexibility, short construction period, easy to repair, and many other advantages.Ordinary people may think beautiful wooden houses and lighter, stronger after heavy, so will affect the service life of the building.In fact, modern technology can effectively solve the wood fire, earthquake, wind resistance, sound insulation and insect-resistant, anticorrosive, makes the service life of timberwork building is also more extended, can reach 50-200Years.At the same time, its stability is quite good.Has introduced in Japan1995Year of the kobe earthquake, retained most of the houses are wooden houses.

In ordinary people's impression, timberwork residence is only applicable to construction of the villa.So in China a country with a per capita land occupied area is very limited, the promotion of wood will face a certain problem.But in fact, timberwork building is not only suitable for single-family homes, multi-family housing can also used wooden buildings.It is reported, Canada wood working with the Chinese government introduced hybrid structure technology, both in the wood use for concrete, steel and other building materials.Combines timberwork and China's current construction way, improved the combination building energy efficiency and comfort, and can meet the needs of more than four layers and four layers building, provides the wood into China, multi-family residential property.

According to introducing, in places such as Shanghai, Qingdao in shandong and liaoning yingkou, construction techniques have been applied in hybrid structure“Ping changed slope"Engineering, to some extent, it can solve the housing problem such as foundation bearing capacity is not enough, the space is narrow.At the same time, due to the wood structure weight is lighter, can be designed for the requirements of any building, therefore apply wood completely feasible in the practical construction, and also can save a lot of energy, and sales income from this part of the wooden space can also offset building renovation costs, has many benefits.

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