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Qingdao Star Steel Co., Ltd. developed weathering heat-resistant color coating successfully off the assembly line, the application of coatings designed for the construction industry, including the three varieties, namely fluorocarbon system, silicone modified polyester system, polyester system.
Heat reflective coating can effectively reflect the infrared radiation energy, reduce the surface temperature, with its production of color coated plate to avoid the absorption of heat to accelerate the degradation of the paint film, earlier fade, loss of light, loss of flexibility film, mechanical properties Phenomenon.
The production of weather-resistant heat-reflective color coated plate to solve the common color coated plate to absorb high heat and reduce the service life of the problem is eco-friendly products and energy saving products pioneer, while making the roof is called "cold roof."
Product performance indicators in:
The initial solar reflectance (TSR)> 0.25 for all colors, and the sunlight reflectivity (TSR)> 0.15 for three years;
Most of the products (except for a few dark products) of the sun reflection coefficient SRI ≥ 29, part of the light-colored products SRI ≥ 78;
The product has excellent scratch resistance, the use of probe scratch tester test load 1500 grams, the film is not Li broken;
Resistance to heat and humidity, after non-condensing hot and humid test chamber placed 1000 hours, the product without bubbles, cracks, paint peeling, no color, gloss and hardness changes;
Resistance to boiling water, the product in 100 ℃ boiling water bath for 24 hours, no loss of light, discoloration, cracking, blistering, shedding and so on;
Acid resistance, the product soaked in 5% hydrochloric acid 24 hours, no significant change in appearance;
Alkali resistance, the product in 5% sodium hydroxide soak for 24 hours, no significant change in appearance;
UV lamp accelerated aging test, the product in the QUVA-340 UV lamp chamber test, fluorocarbon system 4000 hours, 2,000 hours of polyester modified polyester system, 1500 hours after the polyester system, the product powder level ≤ 1, no Rust, blistering, cracking and other defects.

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