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Introduction to mobile boards:

Prefabricated houses in light steel structure as the skeleton, caigang sandwich board as the enclosure material, space combination in a standard module, the main components adopt bolt connection, can be convenient to assemble and disassemble. Trailer products of generalization, standardization and modular design concept, fully implement the serialization development, factory production of temporary buildings, form a complete set to change supply, quick disassembling and repeated use of the advantages of many times.

It can be widely used in construction sites, government housing, municipal temporary housing, large-scale events and various commercial activities, such as temporary housing, post-disaster reconstruction and other fields.

Advantages of mobile room:

1. Activity: movable, reusable.

2. Quick formation: short manufacturing period.

3. Safety: steel bone structure, wind protection and shock resistance.

4. Durability: outer wall of steel plate, corrosion resistant, acid resistant, not rusting and not cracked, the service life is over 15 years.

5. Sound insulation: the design of air-break heat is designed, insulated and sound insulation.

6. Aesthetics: can do all kinds of modelling design, foreign currency florist, appearance bright, beautiful.

7. Low cost, low cost and low quality.

According to customer's requirements, size, model and specifications are customized by customers, and the activity room has k-type activity room and T type activity room, which can be constructed as single layer, double layer and three-layer.

T trailer can be widely used in temporary buildings, such as: office, meeting room, headquarters, catering, camping, dormitory, stores, schools, temporary hospitals, parking lot, convention and exhibition center, maintenance, power plant, post-disaster reconstruction and so on.

T type activity room is built with built-in skeleton, with a clean and beautiful appearance, with good airtight, sound insulation and insulation performance, few types of product components, quick dismantling and installation, convenient storage and high transportation efficiency.

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