Company Introduction

Founded in 1996, Qingdao Star Steel Co., Ltd. Is a large private enterprise integrating steel trade, steel structure engineering design, construction, new insulation material research and development, etc.

The company covers an area of more than 100 mu, and the annual steel inventory is over 200,000 tons, and the annual throughput capacity is over 400,000 tons. We have large outdoor yard and indoor yard, and equipped with a number of large gantry cranes, forklifts and other lifting equipment, and the throughput is greatly increased, which greatly facilitates our customers.

The company has large steel plate leveling processing equipment and numerical control flame cutting equipment, can be used for the customers to graph, sample processing, distribution, net material settlement. The rolls and bends are in place. The integration of resources provides customers with great convenience.

Qingdao Star Steel Co., Ltd. is a steel structure design, production, construction of the trinity of professional production enterprises, is approved by the ministry of construction steel structure engineering construction contract secondary qualification enterprise. Since its establishment, the company has built hundreds of large and medium-sized projects and accumulated rich experience in the production and construction of steel structure.

Company owns engaged in steel structure building systems technology development and engineering design of professional talents, there are famous both at home and abroad steel structure production company for many years or foreign steel structure company specially trained engineers, more the earliest engaged in color steel system research and development experts, most employees working in more than 8 years. Among them, 5 senior engineers, 10 engineers and 4 project managers, ensure the company's strong scientific research and design strength. Engineering construction management is the key to ensure the quality of the project. Each project has a lean project department, and the project manager assumes responsibility for the project, taking full responsibility for the project and carrying out the whole process management.

Steel structure building is taking its unique green charm, leading us to say goodbye to traditional brick and lime sand. To do this steel structure building system, is our company's biggest wish.

The company has established the business philosophy of "people-oriented, pioneering innovation, harmonious culture and efficient operation". "Harmony and innovation" is the strategic goal of sustainable development, and strive to become an innovation-oriented enterprise that is one of the leading companies in the industry and has an international competitive consciousness and ability.



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