Technical Advantages Of Arched Corrugated Steel Roof

11 Sep 2019

Fast speed – The building area can reach 1,000 square meters during the day. If necessary, the built colored steel arched roof can be opened and relocated to other places for reconstruction.

Good quality - all roofs are sealed joints for permanent waterproofing and maintenance free life of up to 20 years.

Wide span - especially suitable for space penetration, no support in the middle of a large-span building, the maximum span of up to 36 meters.

Low cost - no need for beams, columns, grid support, in the design, procurement, construction, use and other aspects can save costs, the cost is only 70% -85% of traditional steel structures.

Modeling beauty - the use of color steel plate, a variety of colors, different arches, excellent space effect.

Province: Short design and construction time!

Low cost, less investment, quicker to save money!

Light weight, simple requirements for the basic materials!

No beam, no truss, increase space!

No need to maintain every year!

Lower 10-20% of the same-grade roof constructed in a more cost-effective way than traditional methods



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