Steel Tile Is A New Type Of Roof Tile Building Materials

29 Aug 2019

Steel tile is a new type of roof tile building material, because the main material is steel, so it is called steel tile. Because of its different compositional materials, it is divided into paint type steel tile and gangue type steel tile. As the name implies, the so-called paint-type steel tile refers to the surface of the steel tile is a paint coating, while the surface of the stone-type steel tile is a natural stone.

At present, the steel tiles on the market mainly consist of gangue type steel tiles.

The general base material of gangue steel tile is galvanized steel plate. Galvanized steel sheet is sufficient to ensure the strength of the roof system and accordingly the weight of the entire roof system is very light. The weight per square metre of the gangue steel tile is 7.0 kilograms, equivalent to one sixth or one seventh of the same area of concrete tile or clay tile.

When the roof tile is at a roof angle of 15° to 90°, the interlocking between the top, bottom, left and right of the roof tile ensures that the rainwater will not infiltrate even when there is wind pressure; the fixing method of the horizontal nailing effectively prevents the rainwater from infiltrating. . Tiles can be directly mounted on various roofs, so as to effectively solve the problem of waterproofing and save a great deal on the cost of waterproofing. Even if it is attacked by hailstorms that often accompany typhoons,

Steel tiles do not crack like ordinary roof tiles and cause water leakage.

The lightweight and fastened steel roofing system can be applied not only to traditional wooden roofs and reinforced concrete slopes, but also directly to steel structures and grids. Whether it is a new or refurbished roof, it can be used economically and perfectly. It fully meets the architect's requirements for quality and enables designers' inspiration to become a reality. The steel roofing system is particularly suitable for retrofitting flat-top buildings.

The characteristics of lightweight fastening of steel roofing system can reduce the design cost, construction material cost and installation cost; the surface self-waterproof feature can save the structural layer's waterproof treatment cost; the safety and durability feature can save various cleaning and maintenance costs.



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