Arched Corrugated Steel Roof Material

22 Aug 2019

The color-coated steel plate is an organic composite material. It is a cold-rolled high-strength zinc steel plate. After a series of treatments, the organic coating is baked. The coating surface is uniform, stable in quality, and durable.

Changsha Zhongyang Company adopts TSTE28 (TS280GD) and TSTE34 structural special steel plates or foreign imported high-strength color steel plates produced by Shanghai Baosteel Corporation. Its technical performance is as follows:

(1) Yield strength of substrate >280Mpa or 340Mpa

(2) The amount of zinc plating> 180g/m2-275g/m2

(3) Coating thickness > 23um

(4) Salt spray resistance> 500h

Thickness Coated steel plate thickness: 0.8-1.4mm

Color The color coated steel plate can be seen in standard color samples or in actual samples.

Coating structure

1. Upper coating: TOP FINISH COATING

2. Chemical coating: Zinc PHOSPHATE COAING

3, under the coating: Primary coating (PRIMER COATING)

4. Zinc layer: ZING COATING

5, cold rolled steel: base metal / cold rolled steel (BASE METAL/COLD ROLLED STEEL SHEET)

 ★ Indicates the number of layers that can be sandwiched by the substrate at the bend

Room temperature for performance test is 25±2oC

 Experimental method: Gloss ASTM D523

Impact on ASTM D2794


Pencil Hardness ASTM D3 American Eagle

Coating hardness test pencil



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