The performance characteristics of steel structure workshop

02 Nov 2017

The performance characteristics of steel structure workshop:

Along with our country each year with the increasing amount of steel, steel structure factory building has been widely used in all walks of life, compared with other materials structure, steel structure factory building has the following characteristics:

Extent: mostly for slope roof, the roof of low-rise villa so roof structure basically USES is made of cold bending steel components triangular roof truss system, light steel members in after sealing the structural plate and plasterboard, formed a very strong "rib plate structure system", this kind of structure system have stronger earthquake and the ability to resist horizontal load, suitable for seismic intensity of 8 degrees above the area.

Wind resistance: steel structure, light weight, high strength, good overall rigidity and deformation ability. Building weight is only one 5 of the brick structure, can resist hurricane of 70 meters per second, make the life and property can get effective protection.

Durability: light steel structure residential structures are all made of cold bending thin-wall steel members system composition, bone using super anticorrosion, high strength cold rolled galvanized sheet steel manufacturing, effectively avoid the steel plate, the influence of corrosion in the process of construction and useAnd the service life of the light steel structures. Structure life of up to 100 years.

Heat preservation: the thermal insulation material is given priority to with glass fiber cotton, has good heat preservation and heat insulation effect. For external wall insulation board, effectively avoid phenomenon of cold bridge wall, achieved the better heat preservation effect. About 100 mm thick R15 heat preservation cotton thermal resistance can be equivalent to 1 m thick brick wall.

Sound insulation, sound insulation effect is a an important index in evaluating housing, light steel system installation window adopts hollow glass, sound insulation effect is good, sound insulation of 40 decibels;Composed of light steel keel gypsum board, heat preservation material wall, its sound insulation effect can be as high as 60 decibels.

Health: dry operation, reduce the waste pollution to the environment, building steel structure materials can be recycled 100%, most other supporting materials can be recycled, in line with the current environmental protection consciousness;All materials for the green building materials, meet the requirement of ecological environment, and is helpful to health.

Comfort: light steel wall with high efficiency and energy saving system, with functions of breathing, adjustable indoor air dry humidity;Above the roof ventilation function, can make the room internal formed between the air flow, ensure the roof ventilation and cooling requirements.

Quick: all dry operation, is not affected by environment season. One of around 300 square meters building, only 5 workers 30 working days can finish the whole course of from foundation to finishing.

Environmental protection: the material can be 100% recovery, truly green, pollution-free.

Energy saving: adopt high efficiency and energy saving wall, thermal insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation effect is good, can achieve 50% of the energy savingstandard。

Steel structure factory building covers one of the categories, as the steel structure of the enterprise workshop played a huge role in the structure, performance and advantages of steel structure workshop characteristics at the same time, promote the sustained and stable development of national industrial economy.



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