Housing construction project: architectural features of the steel structure and

30 Mar 2016

Steel structure engineering use is given priority to with steel, made of steel and steel plate, steel column, steel truss girder of artifacts. Among components or parts with weld, the structure of the bolt or rivet connection, is one of the main building structure types.

Give priority to with steel structure, is one of the main building structure types. Steel is characterized by high strength, light weight, good integral rigidity and deformation ability, is used for construction of large span and super high buildings, super-heavy is suitable. Homogeneous and isotropic materials is good, is a ideal elastic body, the most in line with the general engineering mechanics basic assumptions. Material plasticity and toughness, good can have large deformation, can well under dynamic loading. Short construction period.Its high degree of industrialization, high mechanization degree of specialization of production can be performed.Steel structure should be study in the future high strength steel, which greatly increased the strength of its yield point. In addition to new varieties of rolling steel, such as the h-beam steel) (also called wide flange and t-shaped steel and pressed steel plate so as to adapt to the needs of the long-span structure and high-rise building.

There are no thermal bridge light steel structure system, building itself is not energy efficient, this technology use clever special fittings can solve the problem of hot and cold bridge construction. Small truss structure make the cable from the wall and fluctuation conduit crossing, convenient construction decoration. So energy conservation is the only one in the world by cold bending thin-wall steel building layer 7 residential building system.

The advantages and disadvantages of steel structure

1, high strength of materials, its light weight Steel, high strength, modulus of elasticity is high. Compared with concrete and wood, the density and the ratio of yield strength is relatively low, so in the same stress under the condition of the steel structure component cross section is small, light weight, easy to transport and install, suitable for large span, high altitude, carrying heavy structure.

2, steel toughness, good plasticity, uniform texture, structure, high reliability

Suited to withstand shock and dynamic load, good seismic performance. Homogeneous steel internal organization structure, and is nigh unto isotropic plasmids. Steel structure of the actual performance compared with theory calculation. So the steel structure has high reliability.

3, steel structure manufacture installation high mechanization degree

Steel structure components are easy to manufacture, site assembly in the factory. Mechanization of factory manufacture steel structure component products of high precision, high efficiency, site assembly speed, short time limit for a project. Steel structure is one of the most industrialized structure.

4, steel structure, sealed performance is good

Due to the welding structure can be completely sealed, can make air tightness, water tightness are good high pressure vessel, large oil pool, pressure pipeline, etc.

5, steel structure heat resistant refractory

When the temperature was below 150 ℃, the steel properties changed little. Thus the steel structure is suitable for the hot shop, but the structure surface at the thermal radiation of about 150 ℃, to adopt heat insulation board to protect it. When temperature at 300 ℃ to 400 ℃. Steel strength and elastic modulus were decreased significantly, the temperature about 600 ℃, the steel strength tends to zero. In the building with special set requirements, the refractory steel structure must be used to protect in order to improve the fire resistance rating.

6, steel structure corrosion resistance is poor

Especially in the tide and corrosive medium environment, easy to rust. General steel structure to rust removing, zinc or coating, and regular maintenance. For offshore platform structures in sea water, the use of "zinc anode protection" and other special measures shall be corrosion resistant.



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