Light steel structure housing what reinforcement method is there?

30 Mar 2016

Among a lot of building structure, USES a lot of steel structure design, with the continuous development of construction technology in China, now there are serious defects and damage of steel structure or change the conditions of use, the checking calculation of the structure strength, stiffness and stability does not satisfy the use requirement, to deal with the steel structure for reinforcement. Steel structure reinforcement of the main methods are: reduce the load and change the graphic calculation, enlarging the original structures section and the connection strength and prevent the crack propagation, etc.

(1) of the light steel structure housing light steel structure parts manufacturing factory and high degree of mechanization, high degree of commercialization.

(2) the scene of light steel structure housing construction speed is quick, mainly to do homework, is advantageous to the civilization construction. 
(3) of the light steel structure housing the sustainable development of steel structure building is environmental protection product.

(4) of the light steel structure housing light weight, good seismic performance. 
(5) the comprehensive economic index of the light steel structure housing is not higher than the reinforced concrete structure.

(6) light steel structure housing than brick house, can avoid the waste of resources caused by earth brick

Identified, the need to reinforce the steel structure, generally divided into local reinforcement and comprehensive reinforcement according to the scope of the damage. Local reinforcement is of low bearing capacity of a reinforced bar or connection node, increase the bar section plane method, reduce the bar free length method and the connection node reinforcement method. Comprehensive reinforcement is to reinforce to the overall structure, have not changed structure static graphics reinforcement method and the structure two types of static graphics reinforcement method. Increase or add strong supporting system, and to strengthen the effective method of steel structure system. Increase the reinforcement method of component section is the most original fee is the work method, change the diagram calculation method of the most effective and varied, the cost also drop greatly. Reinforcement is a complex work, there are many factors to consider. Strengthening methods from construction is convenient, do not affect production, economic and reasonable, and good effect to choose, so, for the steel structure reinforcement is also a science.



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